1. This just happened.

    Guest “claims ” her pairs of shoes and clothing are missing that she lost 5 days ago (she only has one each) worth $475 total She openly states she lost a charger that was immediately returned and even shares she just lost her phone at Wal-Mart and it was still there ( I think she loses everything. . )

    Then she’s all mad even though I searched high and low on my hands and knees and while I’m gone she openly states to a regular guest checking in that she is stranded in Georgia with no money after her mother’s funeral and begs the guest for money.

    That smells of a scam.
    I still documented it and took dowm information but that is soooooooo sketchy.

    If you can afford so called $400 shoes  then you wouldn’t be stranded.

    Grow up people, so called “church going folk “wouldn’t behave in a manner
    like this

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